Thursday, November 5, 2009

And the winner is....KAREN (by a landslide!)

Congrats Karen! You won the October Monthly Challenge!
(aren't you glad you entered at the last minute? hahaha).
Well, here's your very special prize: YOUR OWN BLOG FEATURE!
You also get many twuffered promotions of your shop done by me (Kelsi).

Well, let's get started.

Karen has a great shop in the corner of etsy titled
She is very talented and makes lots of great items that are perfect for the person who has everything (do I hear great holiday shopping?)
She makes ornaments, birdhouses, wall plaques, and much more.
Here's a sneak peek at a few great things in her shop:
(pictures are clickable)

Aren't those birdhouses great?!
That sign looks like the kinds at the store!
If you shop with Karen, you'll definitely get some great quality work.

So when you're doing your CyberMonday shopping after Thanksgiving, consider the following.


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Snot Head said...

I posted a blog with a link to this blog and picture of one of Karen's birdhouses on my blog a little while ago. Congrats Karen! You make great things. :)

Collaborators In Cahoots said...

YAY Karen!!! Great job and fun challenge!! Wonderful write up!!` Valerie

Nancy said...

Great job Karen! Kelsi you did a great job also.

kelsilove said...

Thanks for everything guys! I hope Karen likes the post!

Linda said...

What a fun contest this was and Karen did exceptionally well! Well done to all who took p0art; I know I found it very hard to choose a favorite from so many excellent entries.

candleguy821 said...

Karen, the barn house is a winner I think one of your best, at least in my eyes. The birds pass final judgement. Great job!

JoyceIsCrafty said...

Congrats Karen! Your birdhouses are amazing! said...

Thank you so much! Everone's entries were amazing! I am so excited to be part of such a special and talented group! Thank you so much for all the hard work and the beautiful write-up!