Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check out how to use the New Twitter with LindaButterfly

How to use the New Twitter

The new interface of Twitter is rolling out. Have you
 seen it? Reply, Favorite, and ReTweet are clearly 
shown when the mouse moves over the tweet..

You can better see your @mentions, Retweets, 
searches and lists you are in.

These two links may be of use:
Mashable shows some screenshots 
of the new interface New Twitter   gives some tips

 When you click Reply, up pops a clear dialogue box.

 Again, a clear box pops up when you want to delete tweets.

Looking at Your Tweets, you will see that ReTweets have 
a green corner added and Faves have a yellow corner 
added! You can undo the ReTweet from here too.

So far I like it, though my old computer screen means
 I don't  see all of the two pane system clearly.
There is also an arrow to click on the end of the tweet, &
 and you can view YouTube videos mentioned in that 
tweet, in the side pane.

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Valerie's Essentials said...

Wonderful help! Thank you!!


Linda said...

Thanks for putting this here Valerie. I like the new Twitter, how do you find it?

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